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On December 6, 2010, I had the pleasure of performing in a reading of the Icelandic play “Me and My Boy” by Thorvaldur Thorsteinsson.  It was produced by Albert Bendix and directed by Henning Hegland as part of the Scandanavian American Theater Company’s (SATC) Contemporary Scandinavian Reading Series – co-presented by Scandinavia House and the Consulate Generals of Denmark, Sweden and Finland.

Richard: Charles McMahon (American)
Stuart (Richard’s son): Evan Joiner (American-Norwegian)
Valerie (Richard’s daughter): Erin Gorski (American)
Edward (Stuart’s childhood friend): Alexis Savino (American)
Maria (Edward’s girlfriend): Amanda Broomell (American)
Reader (title, stage directions etc.): Annemette Andersen (Danish)

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