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THE RING CYCLE – it was just plain awesome.

PL115 adapted Wagner’s iconic Ring Cycle into the action packed world of 1980’s Americana. The production stripped the opera of its music and traditional setting, re- contextualizing Wagner’s masterpiece to highlight the libretto’s story of pride, passion and the insatiable quest for power. Juxtaposing the single minded action of Wagner’s mythic gods with the cultural and philosophical hubris of America in the 1980’s — a decade marked by a “greed is good” mentality — the production drew parallels between Wagner’s mythology, American mythology and the events of our own tumultuous time.

I got to wrestle (sex wrestle, to be exact), get kidnapped, be a dragon, find my hero (who happened to be my long-lost brother) and have an all-around kick-ass time.

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Stephen Cedars 2012-4-21 The Ring Cycle Parts 1 4

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