At a very young age, Amanda was given the nickname “Sarah Bernhardt” in honor of her highly dramatic antics.  Her public performances began at 3 years old, offering heartfelt renditions of “Frosty the Snowman” on her front stoop.  She was famous for her feigned injuries, fooling her parents into thinking she constantly had fractured limbs.  This began her deep descent into “Method Acting.”

Fast-forward a number of years later, she graduated with a BFA from NYU’s Experimental Theater Wing and an MFA from Columbia’s School of the Arts, and spent much of her time immersed in the world of New York theater. Favorite roles include Juliet in Romeo and Juliet at Classic Stage Company, Cherie in Bus Stop, and a featured ensemble role in MONODRAMAS directed by Michael Counts at New York City Opera. She has also performed at Ars Nova, multiple times at the Midtown International Theatre Festival and the Fringe Festival, and traveled internationally to perform in a Shakespeare Festival in Germany and Chuck Mee’s Big Love in the Czech Republic.

Now living in California, Amanda has found paradise – sunshine, unlimited space and an electric blue Mini Cooper that lovingly zips her around to all of her auditions. She’s immersed in the world independent film, voiceovers and comedy, and is loving every minute of it.


New YorkInternational
Featured Performer
New York City Opera
Romeo & Juliet
Classic Stage Company
The Ring Cycle
Freia / Sieglinde
PL115 / Incubator Arts Project
Love in the Time of Channukah
estro jen
ANT Fest at Ars Nova
Strings Attached Theater Co
Bus Stop
Columbia University
The Wild Party (Lippa)
Columbia University
Candide Americana (Fringe Fest)
Rabbit Hole Ensemble
Columbia University
Columbia University
A Midsummer Night’s Dream
Columbia University
The Crucible
Marry Warren
NYU (dir. Kate Whoriskey)
La Ronde
Columbia University
Pains of Youth
New York University – ETW
The Merchant of Venice
New York University – ETW
Women and Wallace
Ambitious Theatre Co.
The Siblings (MITF)
Rabbit Hole Ensemble
Big Love (Czech Republic)
Brno Theatre Festival
The Tempest (Germany)
Volkswang Shakespeare Fest.
Columbia University
MFA, Acting
Matthews Fellowship Award
NYU Tisch School of the arts
BFA, Theatre (ETW)
Outstanding Artist Award


Acting: Andrei Serban, Niky Wolcz, Ulla Wolcz, Larry Singer, Raina Von Waldenburg, Ghris Gethard (UCB), Marci Phillips (ABC)

Voice/Speech: Kristin Linklater, Andrea Haring, Cecil Mackinnon, Rebecca Dumaine

Singing: Penny Fuller, Barry Kleinbort, Jonathan Hart, Richard Armstrong, Lisa Sokolov, Jeff Halpern

Viewpoints: Anne Bogart, Mary Overlie, Kim Weild, Barney O’Hanlon

Dance/Movement: Annie-B Parson, Paul Langland, Fabel Pabon (Hip-Hop)

Vocal Range Mezzo-Soprano/Alto

Dialects (British, Jersey, New York, Southern)

Yoga and Pilates, Hiking, Softball and Cheerleading

Tongue Tricks

Hip-Hop Dance


A hilarious interview with the cast of one the best-reviewed comedies in the NY Fringe Festival, Candide Americana!


Amanda Broomell

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